Sunday, August 31, 2008

Smooth Sailin'

This is Ezekiel and Daniel today. You can see how well he is doing. He loves holding hands with us... or holding fingers, as the case may be. :) They switched him from the high frequency ventilator to a different type of ventilator-- what I call a "step down" vent because he is a step closer to being completely off all ventilators. They are talking about taking him off sometime this week, so pray pray pray! It will be wonderful when he is well enough to come off. They have also increased his feedings to 6mL without any problems. He needs to be up around 20mL or more, so he still has a little ways to go. They have stopped giving him any sedation, so he is just a wiggly little guy now, flailing his arms and legs everywhere. He is starting to respond more to the sound of our voices. You should see him open his eyes and look around when he just wakes up... it is just too cute. He must be the cutest baby in the world. :)

Here is Ezie and my hand.

Our favorite nurse, Jerry, puts Ezekiel on his tummy like this, and he loves it. He's always happiest when She is his nurse. :)


saylor days said...

i always watch the videos like 10 times! he's so cute i love him. praying everyday for ezie

Luanne in Ohio said...

Hi Baby Ezie, Mommy & Daddy,

I am SO GLAD I checked the blog before I went to bed. He is SO BEAUTIFUL, ADORABLE, CUTE, SMART...I could go on and on. Another video to watch again and again. You made my day....and some pics I can print off for great-Grandpa Bachelor. Bless you!

Grandma in OHio

Luanne in Ohio said...

OK, is Grandma's first serious political question for you: I just heard on FOX news (3pm EDT,Sun 9/1) that President Bush just spoke at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio. Now, I know he has his mind on very serious Louisiana evacuation and hurricane matters, but I wonder if it would cheer him up to know that there, on the same base, he is within a few buildings of the world's cutest baby? I bet it would bring a smile to his face if he knew. Keep growing, little guy! Love, Grandma in Ohio

Aaron, Sarah, and Emily Walter said...

He looks great guys!!! Keep up the good growin' Ezie-Yay for your favorite NICU nurse :)

Luanne in Ohio said...

Good night, Ezie. Have you reached 3 pounds yet? You look like you have!

Love....Your Grandma in OHio.