Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Quick update

We are (trying) to leave for the hospital, but of course I had to sit down to check my e-mail, read friends blogs, etc.... silly me. I wanted to give you all an update though. Ezekiel's lungs haven't been doing too well... he is still on the respirator after 20 days, which is apparently a long time. I guess he has been having some trouble, and they told us he has severe lung disease. Now don't be scared or worried, because God is still good and we are still praying. What is happening is that they are starting to give him steroids to strengthen his lungs. He will get 3 days of full doses, and then they will taper him off for another week.... so about 10 days of steroids. Here is what you can pray for: They said that usually after steroids a baby can come off the respirator, but that Ezie's lungs are so bad that they are hoping to be able to simply reduce the respirator settings. PRAY THAT HE WILL BE ABLE TO COME OFF THE RESPIRATOR!!! Please also pray for no bad side effects from the steroids, as they can do some nasty stuff. We refuse to entertain any negative thoughts and fears, so please do the same. Pray for God's full healing for Ezie. Our healing is what Jesus came to give us, and we are believing that he will give it to Ezekiel.

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