Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Recovering toe :)

My toe is all better. The nail is still kind of weird, but it never fell off and seems to have healed and re-attached, which I contribute to God answering all my pitiful prayers to heal my toe! It is still cracked but feels fine. :)

We are up in KY again to visit family and take a vacation-- but this time we are together! Yay! Tonight I am all alone though because Daniel is out camping in a field to try and kill whatever predators keep killing our chickens (the ones on the family farm... not the ones in our yard at home). Anyhow, it just turned midnight and I have been scrubbing dishes, sweeping the floor, straightening things up, laundry, etc., trying to stay up until Daniel comes back. Of course he may be out all night.... sigh. We are having a great visit, but Daniel is staying very busy helping his brother out with the farm-- which is great--- of course--- but I miss my husband! I am proud of him though. He's wonderful.

It's fun to be up this late because the baby likes to kick now! I don't feel him move too much durring the day. I think he likes to play at night. He is getting so sooo big! we are 24 weeks and 1 day. I love this baby!

We have been having a lot of fun with big farm dinners-- me and daniel, his older brother and his wife, younger brother and girlfriend, and the other farm worker and his wife--- it creates such a nice sense of community. I can't wait until we live here! Tomorrow morning we are all having breakfast together after the guys get done with their morning chores.

Alright I think I will go now... I'm just blabbing on and on.....


MaMa Teresa said...

1. Yay!!! New blog!
2. Glad your toe is getting better.
3. Wish I was there; I'm picturing you all in my home and wishing I was part of it all. But instead I'm here in Kaz. getting another Pike. :-)
4. I love you and miss you.

saylor days said...

i love your babbling! i have some questions for you so if you can try to give me a call love.if you see this at some point soon...
love you