Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Birthday and Anniversary

Today is July 22nd, which is two days after my 25th birthday and two days before our 4th wedding anniversary. We are still in KY but are getting ready to leave for Ohio/camp in the morning. We will get to spend our anniversary at Camp Sychar which is where we met and also where we got married. This will also be our first anniversary together! Yay! We are going to watch our wedding video which we have never seen.

I wish I could post pictures because I have been taking a lot on this trip. But alas you all will have to wait until we get back to Texas.

For my birthday my sister-in-law Jamie planned a surprise birthday party. I had no idea, which made it all the more fun. Party was attended by brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law, and a few close friends. And husband, of course... We had a nice time! I felt very loved and was blessed to be surrounded by people I care about on my birthday.

Today I am getting ready to leave with a lot of packing, laundry, cleaning-out-of-the-fridge, etc. Daniel is gone all day with his brother Josh to process chickens. They should be back soon, and we will all head up to whole foods to sample chicken for "tasty tuesday". I've got garlic-lime chicken in the crockpot right now.... hopefully it will turn out well.

The baby is doing well. I am getting huge-- I feel like a whale. My feet always hurt and now it's hard to bend over, shave legs, get out of squishy chairs, etc. And i know it will only get worse. I'm 25 weeks, about to start 26.... So I don't know if that technically counts as month 7 or not. Are you supposed to count months by groups of 4 weeks? Or by an actual full month? If it is by groups of 4 weeks then I am already in the 7th month. If it is by full months then I have 6 more days until the official start of month 7. It's all a little confusing, I think, since pregnancy is actually a bit more than 9 months. ANYWAY. I had better get back to my to-do list.

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Sarah said...

Happy birthday and anniversary! You're right, months are confusing during pregnancy. At the checkups you have to think in groups of four weeks, but when talking to friends and family you have to think about calendar months. I remember the frustration of that during my pregnancies.