Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Family Visits

Soooo we had a nice long visit with Daniel's family. I didn't take a single picture, but my sister in law took a ton and so once she posts them online I will put some on here. Anyhow it was my father-in-law (winston), step-mother-in-law (teresa), brother in law (josh) and his wife (jamie) and sister in law (jasmine). I loved having them here-- they were here for a week, with their RV parked in our drive way. Josh and Jamie stayed in the house with us. Josh worked in our backyard for like 3 days on end and: built us a moveable goat shelter, dug a big pond with a pump, and finnished our rabbit hutch, as well as mowing and seeding/watering the yard. He was out there all the time. kudos to him- I am so thankful for his hard work. Our yard looks 100% better and our little farm is much more functional. I will post pictures later. We did a lot of fun stuff while they were here, but the best part for me was just the companionship and quality time spent together. I loved cooking for so many people and having everyone sitting around my house talking and laughing. It was lovely. I wish they were still here-- I cried sunday knowing that they were leaving the next morning. I am still really sad they are gone-- it feels so empty and lonely here now. Sigh. I felt like we all got to grow closer and have a good time. I really love teresa, my stepmotherinlaw (smil)-- she is just wonderful, and we have a great time together. Jasmine is getting so big (she is almost 3) and she talks all the time now. She loves her big brothers. Anyway, I just wish they could have all moved in. They brought us a feezer/fridge full of meat from the farm and soooo we are stocked for a good long while with healthy grass-fed organic meat. I am soooooooooooo excited about that.
Saturday (while they were still here) Daniel and Josh went on a walk and Daniel got bit by the neighbor's dog, a weimer. Here is how I discovered what happened: I walk outside looking for my hubby and see him down the street pulling down his pants while Josh and the scantily-clad female neighbor are leaning over looking at his butt. Shocked by the sight of my husband in the middle of the road in his boxers, I run over to discover him severely injured. He had 3 open wounds with chunks of skin missing. Now it is all a huge, awful looking bruise, about 8" or so in diameter. Well when he went to PT (physical training) on monday and said he couldn't run because he got bit by a dog they sent him to the ER where they started treating him for rabies (the dog wasn't up to date on it's shots.) He got 20 shots in the thigh and some more in his arm. He is still in a lot of pain, poor thing, and will have to go back for more shots until the dog has been observed for 10 days. Isn't that AWFUL???!! He is getting better, but the whole thing still sucks.

Ok well I should go do all the things I am supposed to do today.

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saylor days said...

oh i love reading your posts! i'm so glad you guys got to spend time with daniels family! you cooked for all of them?! how awesome. the pictures are great i'd love to see your yard now too.
SO sorry about daniel how completely random and crazy! all from a dog. so it just ran up to him and bit him on the bum?
love you