Monday, May 17, 2010

slippers and today

I finnished these slippers late last night!

They were started when we were flooded-in at the neighbor's house a couple weeks ago. I'm not normally a crocheter, but my friend Aimee has been crocheting non-stop, and she inspired me to crochet the one thing I know how to make- granny squares. I even made a special trip to the store to get a crochet hook. The right slipper is made of 6 regular sized granny squares, the left slipper is made of one giant granny square and two regular sized ones-- sooo much less seaming-up work at the end! The two look slightly different- the right slipper has a white square on the toe and heel, whereas the left has only the white square on the toe. I seamed the left one a bit differently on accident (hey, I'm not a crocheter!) so they look a little different... but whatever. No big deal. I like the way the right one looks best, except for the white heel. The left one fits better. Future slippers will match.... and there will be future slippers! If we're pals in real life, I'll probably be making you a pair! Today Daniel and Zeke are headed up to Ohio to visit his mom-- which means I have the whole day to myself! I've just finished about half the cleaning I need to do... now I'm enjoying a cup of coffee, my "farmer's market" yankee candle (it got wet in the flood but it's ok!) and an Edgar Meyer/Bela Fleck CD (also caked in mud... I washed it off, and it just has a few skippy-parts on it so far). I have a lot to get done while they're gone but I couldn't resist the urge to sit down and write about my slippers. After I finish cleaning up around here (dishes, put laundry away, make bed, drink more coffee) I'm headed over to our land to feed the cows and work on cleaning up the mess that is still there.
We're one week out from leaving for Daniel's internship, and we FINALLY found a place to stay... hopefully. We couldn't find anything for four months, so we're signing a 6 month lease on a duplex in town. I'm excited to get there and get settled in. I spoke with the owner on Saturday, and he is e-mailing me the rental application.... so as soon as we finish the paperwork we should be in business...
Daniel and Zeke cuddling yesterday
I already sort of miss them!
Have a good day!


Jessy and Becca said...

You are so cute. I love your slippers. And Zeke is getting to look less like a baby and more like a little boy!
Miss you guys!


saylor days said...

your slippers are awesome! i like that they don't match. what are the bottoms like, are they thicker in any way?
oooooh my gosh kristin i'm so sorry about the flood and all that was lost. what a crazy mess. i'm glad you don't have anxiety from it anymore and that you guys have been able to salvage some. and that's great you have a place to stay for the internship! love you

Paige said...

Very nice! I have so many little projects and such to be working on myself. To be honest, I'm sorta looking forward to the big drive to Kentucky--so I can get a couple projects done during the ridiculous drive! :)