Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday at the park

Today the weather is beautiful and Ezekiel and I spend the morning at the park with some dear friends. Zeke got to try the swing for the first time and he loved it! We also went down the slide together and played by a stream. It's so nice outside- one of those days where you just can't be in a bad mood. Unfortunately for Daniel, he had a migraine today. He and Zeke are napping right now

I previously mentioned my friend Kennedy and her adopted daughters in Haiti; well they made it onto CNN when they got home! Here's the link to watch it (excuse the random guys exclamations- I guess one of Justin's friends recorded the clip on his cell phone). Here are a couple other links-- their interview on Fox news, and then the article from a local paper. It really is an exciting story, and I'm so glad the girls made it here safely. God really has done all sorts of amazing things lately! (By the way, these are the people who are renting our house.)

I finnished knitting my first SOCK!! Yes, a SOCK!!! I am so excited about it! It isn't perfect (unfortunately) and I am sort of a type-A knitter (although not much of a type-A anything else) but I am pleased none the less. Now time for sock number two.

This is a picture Daniel's Aunt Jacque took of our family when we visited her for New Years. Daniel is so handsome!


Paige said...

Awww! You all are such a cute family! Major kudos on the sock! Btw, I'm finally branching out and attempting a sweater for Dan (anniversary #2 is cotton..hence cotton sweater), so you'll have to help me WHEN we get to Kentucky (no ifs!!)

AND I found the BEST website for knitting projects--I just drool over them! But you'll have to wait until that post comes out! ;) Mean, I know. I think this weekend...

Btw, how often does Daniel get migraines? Sorta one of my pet things to treat, haha.

Michelle said...

yay you can blog again! oh my goodness the video of zeke laughing...i LOVE it!!!! i cannot wait until you get here.. well to kentucky at least and then a columbus visit.. although i should visit ky too! wait a minute... i totally should..

mamasong said...

We miss you guys, thanks for the update!